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About us


Green Life Development, Inc. is comprised of a group of scientists and engineers and spreads over 5 continents. Green Life's mission is to raise the bar on everyday tasks while keeping our environment pristine.

Gideon Yung, educated in England and the U.S as an engine engineer and later diagnosed with Cancer, decided to dedicate his life to a "Greener Future" and  formed a group that is filled with passionate individuals that stop at nothing to achieve better results.

​Today, the group concentrates on safe cleaners that are not only eco-friendly but also readily biodegradable and water based together with advanced remediation methods and reclamation systems. "It's all about you and billions of your neighbors" says Gideon and smiles.




Management Team


Shimi Coneh

With over 20 years of experience in international business trade, Mr. Coneh drives Green Life’s strategic vision and manages operations and product development. His global network initiative creates a database of environmental points of concern and operational methods to remediate them. His mission is: It’s all about you and billions of your neighbors.™



David A. Levy

As an Engineer and contractor with over 40 years of experience Mr. Levy is one of the leading Green House engineers in Nevada, pioneering sustainability in building and carbon footprint reduction.  His experience as a project manager for P&G and H.C. Beck in the US and Iran in the ‘70s lead to the development of I.C. Contractors, Inc. a commercial and residential structural engineering firm. Mr. Levy is one of GLD’s founders and heads the international R&D teams specifically product design and implementation processes.





Zoli is a scientist, inventor and visionary and the inventive force behind the Naturama family of products line.  He is responsible for many patents including a filtration patent to reduce toxicity in film development in the ’70s and safety inventions utilizing LED lights in the ‘80s. After surviving cancer, he has dedicated his life to finding solutions for the betterment of life.







The Naturama Building - Aerial View
Las Vegas,  Nevada
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