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Naturama - Live Green Heaven  può attendere™


• ingredienti botanici a base vegetale

• Completamente biodegradabile

• Non enzimatico a base e non ionici

• derivazione naturale. Solubile in acqua.

• Assenza totale di detergenti: Nessun sali, olio, sapone o alcool

• ipoallergenica e non caustico

• Non tossico: Sicuro per l'uomo, gli animali e l'ambiente

• Non infiammabile (DOT: non pericolosi)

• NATURAMA G3 A-5 ha un NCP EPA profilo N ° SW-53

The complete eco-friendly Automotive solution conforms to the OECD 301B biodegradability standard. 

"A one-cleaner, many-surface product. Breaks fat, grease and oil molecules - making it easy to clean walls, floors, counters, smokehouses and equipment including odor removal"

Mitchell Frieder, Professional Chef, Restaurateur and Cullinay instructor. 

Naturama G3 A-5, EPA listing #SW-53 is an excellent surfactant, which separates oil from other surfaces.  It also breaks some of the long oil molecule chains to smaller ones, such as diesel and benzene, which dissolve in the water and frees Earth from it's contaminating agents.

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