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Naturama G3 A-5 Facts:

What do you mean when you say your product is Green?

  • Naturama™ G3 A-5 is made of botanical extracts and other minerals found in nature. Our product is Non-Toxic, Non-Ionic, Non-Caustic, Non-Flammable, contains no Voc's, Ozone-Safe and No CFC’s.

  • It is free of harsh Solvents, Detergents, Salts, Oils or Soaps and is Hypoallergenic. No Animal Sourced and No Animal testing.  Naturama™ G3 A-5 is Child and Environment friendly.

Is it safe for your Hands?

Do you need Gloves or Goggles to work with Naturama?

  • Even though our product is safe, we do recommend protective gear. While using Naturama™ G3 A-5 for degreasing and cleaning, other foreign materials can be released from the items being cleaned which can be harmful.

  • In parts cleaning and other cleaning of hard materials, particulate matter can fly and cause unwanted injury, so we always recommend gloves and goggles while using our products.

Does Naturama require special handling?

  • No particular special handing is required. We do recommend checking, and complying with your local regulations, as they may vary from region to region.

Does Naturama require Haz-Mat disposal?

  • Naturama™ G3 A-5 is Non-flammable and DOT: Non-hazardous. The only Haz-Mat disposal needed is of the foreign particulate matter left behind from the parts or other items you may be degreasing.

If Naturama spills what do you do?

  • Naturama™ and its family of products dissolve with water and are safe for the environment. Any spills can be just rinsed with plenty of water.

What is the shelf life of Naturama Concentrate?

  • The Naturama™ G3 A-5 is anticipated to be effective for 10 years if stored at room temperature in a shaded area with no direct sunlight.

  • For example: one of the many ingredients is the extract produced from a citrus fruit that can be sourced with our specific criteria. This product is readily available year-round and is easily found in the marketplace at a constant potency.

What are the temperature limits?

  • Concentrate Naturama™ G3 A-5 in a proper closed container can be stored at:

    •   Maximum storage temperature 120○ F continuously with no effect.

    •   Maximum storage temperature of 140○ F for up to 5 days – no effect.

    •   Temp of over 140○ F for longer periods – lose 5-10% potency a year.

    •   Optimum storage temperature range: 40○ F to 120○ F.

  • Diluted 1:5 min. 

    •   Naturama™ G3 A-5 in closed container can be stored at:

    •   At temperatures 120○ F -140○ F will have no effect first 5 years.

    •   Lose 5-10% potency every year thereafter.

    •   Optimum storage temperature range: 40○ F to 120○ F


Are special formulations available?

  • Yes. We have a series of formulations for specific applications. Our scientists are able to provide no or low foam versions, special scents and custom formulations for specific applications or needs.

Are your slogans and names trademarked?

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