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We, at Green Life Development, specialize in restoring and cleaning, from delicate artifacts to large structures. Our team consists of experienced Engineers, Chemists and other specialized professionals. The team analyes each project and proposes ways and options to deal with each request. The process requires specialized materials and knowledge of molecular structures and age effects. we restore building, natural stone monuments, antique structures, artifacts, religious items, collectibles, machinary and many more. 




Marble and Stone Cleaning

As a natural cleaner, Naturama has shown exceptional value in the cleaning of stone based products.  As a result our Naturama based cleaning products have developed a strong following in the Marble industry.  Our products are used for a variety of applications within the industry.  Naturama based products are used internationally in manufacturing, finishing, regular cleaning and restoration.  Naturama Plus, is a marble cleaner that is specifically formulated for the cleaning of marble and other stone products.

Marble and other stone products have been used throughout the centuries as a building material that outlasts other materials.  A series of specific formulations of Naturama have been found extremely useful and safe for the cleaning of marble and other stone plates, blocks and tiles.Because marble has a very long life, it is often exposed to heavy traffic, pollution and weather.   Naturama can help decrease the buildup pollution, dirt and grime, allowing the stone face to experience a new life.

Testing on high traffic flooring has shown how that our Naturama based marble cleaner removes built up dirt and grime.  Further testing on older structures shows that it is just as effective, yet extremely safe for the underlying stone.  This is is significant because almost all cleaning products rely on acid or alkaline manipulation, both of which are potentially dangerous when important restoration is involved.  If you are working with significant or older marble structures, please feel free to contact our technical department for discussion about specific formulations and cleaning protocols.

According to Massimo Di Egidio of  SMES Italia,  “Naturama based cleaning products are better than any other cleaner on the market.  Naturama cleaners are a significant improvement over the other cleaners available today.  We have found them to be extremely safe, yet very powerful.  Just as important, the Naturama cleaner does not pollute our environment or expose workers to dangerous toxins. ”


Carpet and Laundry Cleaning

Carpets and heavy usage floor coverings are often cleaned with harsh chemicals that usually shorten the fabric's life. Using our Naturama based cleaner the fabric rejuvenates and dark stains simply disappear.




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