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Automotive Degreaser and Parts Washing System - Naturama Motive Series


Automotive cleaning and degreasing system designed to effectively remove grease, soot and carbon.  Non-toxic, enzyme-free and environmentally friendly.



The World's first totally recycling Green Parts Washer​​

  • ​Efficiently re-uses the Motive cleaning solution, with major cost savings 

  • Motive is so effective, it needs no heater or pump to clean parts 

  • Available in various sizes

  • No solvents, enzymes or caustic chemicals

  • Non Flammable

  • Extremely low start-up and operational costs


​Motive Brake cleaner

  • the safest, most effective non-toxic brake cleaner available. Other brake cleaners may claim to be low VOC, yet Motive has​ no VOC’s.

  • Cleans brakes quickly and effectively

  • Safe for contact with hands, skin.

  • No need for special ventilation.

  • The product does not release fumes.



General Degreasing and Carbon Removal

Motive degreasers are highly effective at removing grease, oil, carbon and soot.   Motive is effective at removing oil from concrete, carbon from pistons, grease and dirt from engines and general cleaning.  Common applications include:


Parts Washer

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