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Food Processing



Effective in any food service Facility,Slaughterhouses, Meat Packaging, ​

Fish Processing, Poultry Plants.​

1.  Breaks fat, grease and oil molecules into smaller molecules, thereby lifting them from the surface. As a result making it very easy to clean walls, floors, counters, smokehouses and equipment.​

2.  De-odorizes surfaces, removing both new and old sources of odor.

3.  Easy to apply, without the need for concern about exposure to caustics, toxic or dangerous chemicals.

4.   Saves time and money. Because the product is so effective, users report a decrease in employee time spent cleaning.

5.  A one-cleaner, many-surface product. Because the product is shipped as a concentrate, users are able to use a very diluted product for surfaces like glass and walls and a stronger solution for surfaces like smokehouse walls. Most businesses report the need for a stronger initial cleaning dilution, followed by a substantially lighter ongoing use dilution. This not only reduces the need for multiple products, but it also decreases the cost of cleaning solution.

Because it is so effective, employees find themselves using it on a variety of surfaces. Users report that it outperforms leading brands of cleaners in all areas of the plant, including the smokehouse.

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