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Soil Remediation and Reclamation 


Naturama G3 A-5 is an excellent surfactant, which separates oil from other surfaces.  It also breaks some of the long oil molecule chains to smaller ones, such as diesel and benzene, which dissolve in the water.


  1. Contaminated soil is loaded into a Rotary Drum where the soil is sprayed with diluted Naturama G3 A-5.​

  2. As the Naturama washes the soil, it breaks the bond between the soil and the oil molecules.​

  3. The mix of Naturama and oil accumulate in a separation tank, where the oil floats above the Naturama.​

  4. This allows for the collection and reuse of the separated oil. ​

  5. The Naturama is then filtered and reused.​ 

  6. Natural degradation continues over time.​

Because of the efficiency of this system disposable products are minimized.​

Patents pending.





Oil Spill Cleanup 

Naturama based products are cost effective and eco-friendly.


  1. When dirt mixed with oil is immersed in Naturama the oil separates and floats.  The dirt drops to the bottom and the Naturama sits in the middle.

  2. The oil can be siphoned off and used or sold.

  3. The Naturama can be reused.

  4. The dirt is now clean

  5. Naturama biodegrades according to standards in effect in both the European Union and United States, as a result it is very safe to use without concern of spill or residue.  This also means it could potentially be allowed to biodegrade at the scene

  6. Naturama is safe for workers and safe for the environment as evidenced by the LC50 testing and other tests of carcinogenic properties.

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Naturama Solution




Gravel, Soil, Sand, Dirt 

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