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Oil Recovery Process 


Naturama G3 A-5 has the ability to separate fluids with no added energy. The process is simple and GREEN and creates an avenue to reduce contamination and recycle exact components.


  1. Contaminated used transmission Oil is placed in a tall cylinder container and the diluted Naturama G3 A-5 is added.​

  2. Within minutes the Naturama fluid gravitational force pushes on the contaminated oil and creates a clear separation - no heating or energy is used in this process.  The Naturama fluid breaks the bond between the contaminated sludge sample and the oil molecules.​

  3. Gravity forces heavy particles to sink below the Naturama solution. In this case these are metals and other solid particles.

  4. The oil floats above the Naturama and the remaining sludge.​

  5. This allows for the collection and reuse of the separated oil. ​

  6. The metals can be gathered and recycled.

  7. The Naturama can then be reused.

  8. The remaining sludge mix is used in the various recycling methods. ​ 

  9. This method minimizes disposals and considered to be very safe and cost effective.

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