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Specialty Naturama Products


Our Naturama Specialty products are researched by the U.S Navy Research and Development team to create and find formulations which prevent rust and corrosion, thereby saving time and money on maintenance. Our M1 product is currently tested by NAVSEA and National Sea Life Water Protection as a safe & effective coating for Anti Fouling and is also tested by ABS worldwide. All products are biodegradable and meet California V.O.C standards.



 1. Naturama M1 - Rust & Corrosion Prevention.

     Provides unprecedented protection against corrosion, moisture, and UV radiation. 


 2. Naturama A5 – Zero V.O.C Solvent Degreaser.

     Perfect in removing glue residue.


 3. Naturama ACO – Water Spot Remover.

     Dissolves carbonates which hold scale and other deposits together.


 4. Naturama PS1 – Paint Stripper.

     Extremely powerful paint stripper for use on metals or wood.


 5. Naturama RA100 - Rust Away.

     Rust Remover and Descaler.


 6. Naturama RC101 – Rust Converter.

     water-based corrosion converting primer.


 7. Naturama MT-500 Powdered Rust Inhibitor.

     Corrosion Preventative Technology for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


 8. Naturama MT-777 Top Coat Anti Slip.

     the only product in its class that bonds to concrete and asphalt with a single coat

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